About SpADE

The Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment (SpADE) is a specialised 32-channel surround sound system designed for multi-disciplinary research. Hosted by DMARC, SpADE supports artistic and scientific investigations by faculty and student researchers from the University of Limerick. It is also open to visiting faculty.

SpADE is unique to most multi-channel environments around the world. With 32 speakers and two sub-woofers, it has one of the highest resolutions of existing laboratories. Furthermore, SpADE is intended to be a hybrid space where both the artistic practice of multi-channel electroacoustic music composition and the scientific practice of auditory display are welcome. For this reason, SpADE is unique to other systems that have more speakers or capabilities.

Researchers from the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems use SpADE to study a wide variety of fields including: auditory display, interactive sonification, music composition, musicology, music software development, psychoacoustics, haptics, interface design, and wearable computing in the sound environment. These researchers are collaborating with other musicians and scientists in Ireland and around the world in the fine arts, marine biology, chemistry, medicine, and software engineering.

SpADE Technical Sheet

Hardware, Software, Speaker Map and Room Details as of 22 April, 2014.


SpADE researchers would like to thank the following individuals, without whom SpADE would not exist:

  • Professor Cyril Buckley
  • Mikael Fernström
  • Professor Kieran Hodnett
  • Annette McElligott
  • Eoin Stephenson